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You Exist In More Than My Dreams

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Tamu Gilliard

September 16, 2012

A long time ago I sat down to write about you. In my mind was no image to compare you to. I tried to think of how you'd talk and how you'd smile. My whole being melted when my heart you finally dialed.

Getting back to the note, couldn’t concentrate - thinkin ’bout you. Where the heck is he?, What I need to do? I have to write a note with details about him, capture his essence on paper so I recognize the signs. And when our paths cross and we met in person I could make him mine!

Couldn’t seem to write this note though, you were too heavy on my mind. I knew it was you immediately when we met for the first time. That was years later and I wasn’t just hoping I prayed for you too. Ask God to prepare you for our one day too good to be true....

Never finished that note however etched in my mind. Of the one I could love ever so blind! Loving you has been better than a dream. I want you to win in life because I'm on your team!

Over emotional or defensive regardless of my act, love of my life know I got your back! No question in my mind you always got me!!! I am where I am cause it's where I’m suppose to be!!!

My thoughts manifested into the man I have today. Beyond all my dreams in more than one way. You’ve made me work harder as we‘ve focused on all of our GOALS…. I am here Forever & I will never fold!

Thank God for prayers answered & For the partner you’ve sent me. By his being and presence - God‘s LOVE I can see. Only God knew my heart to design a man of my need. Giving trust to the to process, Letting God take the LEAD.

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