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Why I Pray For My Enemies

It is not a weakness in me that makes me pray for my enemy, it is a strength and the source of that strength is GOD. I would love to tell you that I have that power on my own but I don’t. On my own I am filled with spite. Before the change of my mind that ultimately changed my heart when faced with the enemy the only thing that made sense was to fight back harder... and foolishly I always choose to fight back with the mechanisms already chosen by my enemy. If a friend was hurtful I dug deep, a parent irresponsible I cut them off, a boyfriend disloyal.... either you pay or your paid... If you understand then you understand! And true enemies acquired due to some superficial crap or circumstance; with them I could only go for blood. Just out and out ,tit for tat behavior that did nothing for me. At what ever time and space I had no right or rule to behave that way.

In my journey God gave me a love that was absolutely necessary. It encompasses every dimension of love that exist. It is unwavering, unconditional and likely the closes thing to God’s love I will ever experience in my life on this earth. Through the love of one I was able to recognize the love of many. God sent me the love I wanted and needed to reveal the love I had. He has done it 10 times over and as soon as I was able to recognize and receive it, I was taught how to give it. It was through the love, acceptance and respect shown to me that I was able to recognize God’s love for me... I was able to see even flawed love, misplaced love and fake love... I saw wilted love, all this both internally and externally. I was able to see how I didn’t always get it right so how can I expect everyone else to get it right... At very least I have to give the next person the same reasonable consideration that I would expect to be given. After than everything else is up to God.

I have been an enemy choose or chose and quite sure against those without the strength to pray for me... It’s okay cause I got us both cover and I believe God for it. Let the Church, Pastor, Deacon, Bishop and Whole Congregation all say Amen, Amen and Amen...


Prayer For My Enemy
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