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Lasting Change Starts From Within

Updated: Sep 11, 2021


Start From Within

All change leaves something anew from that which already exist. First you access the need for change, then you decide how to make the change, lastly you take action and in time something new will be birthed from that which was already there. Lasting change begins on the inside with a dream, desire, or goal in mind. It is within us all to make the necessary changes to be better in every part of our lives. It is also essential to our growth that we change.

At 32, my life began a transformational journey that is still evolving today. One decision to do things different changed my entire life path and has opened my eyes to the power of changing from within. I have learned how to apply effectively my life’s lessons to not only avoid making repeated mistakes but to build my character so that I am always the representation of who God intended me to be. My journey has inspired me to share my path, progress, growth and set backs in hopes to help others navigate the will, commitment and resilience to change. I want people to learn self reflection exercises, find excitement in discovering new ideas, and I challenge everyone to commit to making progress in every area of life. Change is not easy, it requires discipline, dedication and commitment even when you don’t see the desired progress or results immediately. Change is inevitable, change from within is optional however necessary for mental, spiritual, and emotional growth.

The willingness to change for me began with frustration, disappointment, and the need for better. I literally just did not want to be unhappy anymore, needed to understand how I had gotten to the place I was in and I most importantly to accept some hard truths.... That, get this “Most of which, I was telling myself!” I didn’t know how or what exactly but things needed to change and all I was in control of was me. So, I decided to change me, and my first change was to accept you don’t know what you think you know. Nothing changed immediately but gradually I saw changes in others who in turn pointed out changes in me. I became aware of the changes and made conscious choices to further change. Much has changed over time, I have come so far that it has become a testimony. One that I must share and document for those to come. It is one I believe will help others START.

Begin to change your mindset, affirm your destiny and set goals. I want to share my self-encouragement, self-love and pursuit of my spiritual relationship and connection to God. I hope that my sharing with you my journey will inspire, motivate and encourage others to just START the work towards achieving personal growth. Since making the decision to change I have followed a discipline that works for me, I developed a mindset that breaths optimism and focus into my goals, and the rewards have benefitted my personal relationships, finances, family, friendships and businesses. My relationship with God has been evolved and elevated as I step into my purpose. There is a fulfillment I have experiences from change that not only impact me but I have to encouraged and motivated others. It is a gift from God to be a positive impact on others and one I am willing to share. Follow me on my journey and START your own!

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