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The passions and purpose behind ALL LASTING CHANGE Starts From Within is to promote educate and support self reflective actions that invoke change within the Black & Brown community. It is far time we start the conversations, get uncomfortable and come together to help one another undo Self-Hate, the Adverse Effects of Slavery, and Colorism. It is time we learn to Love and Appreciate each other, learn how to respect and treat each other, and last but not least share ideas and information to network and build with one another. We are a path to a united future.

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The Birth of All Lasting Change

It began with that post. That post to Facebook June 22, 2020! The day that I decided to become part of the solution!!! My name is Tamu Gilliard, I am the founder of ALL LASTING CHANGE Starts From Within. During the COVID-19 quarantine the death of George Floyd brought to light yet again the racial injustice, systemic racism and disparities brown people face everyday.This was followed by marches and protest that were most often peaceful but at times violent. A modern day civil rights movement was birthed and has drawn much attention. 
As if a global pandemic and a civil rights movement weren’t enough to contend with. Crime rates in the black community increased across NYC, and according to reports in brown communities across the country. And I said ENOUGH!!
We have got to DO BETTER! As a people.
No, a few bad strawberries don’t spoil the whole bunch but if I see a fuzzy strawberry in the batch, I will seek a new batch. Why pay the same price for less product? Why accept less!!! It is far time we start addressing the cultural, toxic cycles, and in house issues we have!!! It is time to stop contributing to our own failures and downfalls. Instead of looking the other way, gossiping or acting out we have got to start helping, teaching and gaining control of our emotions. We must pull coat tails, share information and impact our people in a positive way. 
Not only is it necessary to undo systemic racism we have to address and undo in-house colorism. We have got to promote positive images of ourselves. We have got to address and break negative generational patterns and beliefs. We must present ourselves in a positive light.... not to others in the world but among ourselves!!!!
ALL LASTING CHANGE is a platform of resources, discussions, videos, articles and blog topic to share information to elevate us. Topics around finances, love, family, unconditional love, religion and spirituality. We support and promote black owned business. We organize networking events to meet, introduce and collaborate with other business owners and entrepreneurs.

There's space for Questions, Comments and Ask For Help .

It is time we heal from trauma coming from family, friends, finances, romantic relationships and self doubt.
It is time we create loving relationships, growing finances and self confidence and motivation. 
It is time we address our health issues and make healthier choices. 


June 22, 2020



The injustice in the killing of BROWN MEN and WOMEN by the hands of cops and/or white people is the number of times they either get off Scott free or serve much less time than a black person would if the crime was reversed. We must absolutely continue the fight against systematic injustice. This is the necessary battle we must fight.....

But the war!!!!! That is amongst ourselves. We have got to work backward to undo all that has been done to us...... Seeing my friends and family so deeply hurt and devastated by recent shootings hurts my heart. Black lives always matter and while we pump our fist for laws and policies to change. We need to change!!!!! We need to learn how to move different. No, we have never done it... Shit ain’t never been done..... So! We are baring witness to a lot of shit ain’t never been done before!!!! The shit show has got to stop!!!!! Enough is enough on all sides of the fence!!!!! 





I am a qualified BROWN WOMAN - born and raised in the hood, seen it all and then some mother of two whose lives matter!!!! I am qualified in my BLACKNESS to pull the coat tails of my people and say this SHIT SHOW HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!!! I am but one person this has got to resonate with the masses!!!!! This has also got to become a movement!!! ALL LASTING CHANGE STARTS FROM WITHIN!!!!  #ALLLASTINGCHANGE

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Why I Pray For My Enemies

It is not a weakness in me that makes me pray for my enemy, it is a strength and the source of that strength is GOD. I would love to tell...

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